the race is on!

It's finally, officially race season, yipee!
Yesterday was the first in a series of five local multi-sport races, the Rage in the Sage.
It still surprises me how nervous I get before races, it's like I'm not going to remember how to run or not know how to put on a race number (thank goodness for race belts).  Yesterday was no exception!
It seemed like the weather was going to be perfect - starting at about 45 degrees, sunny with calm wind expected.  Of course, when we showed up, it was about 38 degrees with howling wind - it is the desert after-all.  At that point my objective changed from racing hard to getting out of the wind as fast as I possibly could.  Thankfully, my training has paid off and I finished just under 1-hour, 15 minutes...about 8 minutes faster than last time I did the race :)
It was amazing to see so many participants in such crumby conditions racing their hearts out.  THAT is exactly the reason I still do these events.  Yes, I of course am hell-bent on achieving my own personal goals as well, but it's everyone else that keeps me going.  In fact, even one of my clients who wasn't even racing came out to cheer me on - can you believe it!?!?   It's a heck of a lot easier to keep your motivation up when you are surrounded by such motivated people.
I am so looking forward to doing more local races and having more FUN as the summer continues!