Training Ride

So, I'm almost finished with my last HARD week of training before my first A race of the season - I can hardly wait!  Today while I was riding and looking at my super high-tech garmin, I thought for such a high tech devise, why doesn't my virtual pacer ever have the same head wind that I have or ever go up the same hills???
I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.  I have been super busy, which means any spare time I have is spent sleeping...not writing :(
I vow to keep up with it now that the season has actually started and I will have more interesting things to report.
Too much has happened in the past 2 months to try and catch up on everything - but here are a few highlights:
I did my first cycling stage race in a few years and won all 3 stages :)  It was even more sweet when I beat the lady that said triathletes can't ride bikes - ha!
The first triathlon of the season was Onion Man in Walla Walla and I placed 2nd :)  I was way too far behind after the swim to make it up - but I'm working on that!  Now I'm getting ready for Pacific Crest, which is usually my favorite race of the season - yipeee!