Rap Stars Run

Today, the cobwebs are officially dusted off my running legs.  I'm happy to report that I did race pace intervals with a 3% incline - yay!  I won't tell you how long they were, BUT that it felt great.  I'm celebrating that I did it and trying not to dwell on the fact that I have a LONG way to go.  Ok, there I said it!
Treadmill runs are not my fave, by any standard, but today I had a blast.  For some reason, my Lady Gaga (don't laugh) station on Pandora wanted to play almost exclusively rap, so I went with it.  To everyone else I looked like the same old "ME", but on the inside I was having a Lose Yourself, Dirt Off Your Shoulders, Remember The Name MOMENT.   It's funny how music can change your whole state of mind.  I was transformed from having a good run, to feeling like a total bad ass!  Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, B.O.B...you are welcome on my runs anytime!



If you have read some of my previous posts, then you know that I have recently committed to a tough decision.  That decision was to leave my comfy, stable and still rewarding job to follow my wee-little-heart to a new-ish career and life that scares me to death!  Of course, that's not the whole of it.  I also left my comfy, stable home that I share with my boyfriend, to embark on an also scary long-distance relationship...which, is hopefully temporary.
My journey to this destination has not been a short one, and to clarify (or confuse) a little, I don't actually believe I have even reach some sort of destination, more that my course of trajectory has changed dramatically.
So, back to what I was saying.  When I decided to leave my job and embark on this new career, it also meant moving back to Wenatchee, WA, which makes my heart dance with joy.
It seems that ever since I arrived here everything has really been clicking.  I'm not sure if it's just the newness of it all, or if there is some real synergy going on.   Whatever it IS, I like it!
So, here I am with a job as a personal trainer and coach, living in Wenatchee, WA...aaaand, I just scored a spot on the Wattie Ink Elite Triathlon Team - BOOM!  All this, and my brain still finds time to doubt and question what I'm doing.  WHY IS THAT?  Thank goodness I expected that and came prepared!   I have set up daily goals for not just productivity and keeping my business growing, but to also grow my confidence and emotional strength.  I know that I can't do what I want and need to do with my life if I'm petrified by my own doubt, so I work hard at it, VERY hard actually.  So far, it seems to be working.
It wasn't until just about a year ago that I started listening to my voice and really put effort into being truly authentic.  I was afraid to talk about my goals, because they are a little lofty and might seem CRAZY to most people and because if I said them out loud, they might become a little too real.  Well, I decided to blow up my fears and start living the life of my dreams.  No holding back.  Here. I. Am.

An enormous thank you to everyone for being supportive and embracing me, just as I am.