Rap Stars Run

Today, the cobwebs are officially dusted off my running legs.  I'm happy to report that I did race pace intervals with a 3% incline - yay!  I won't tell you how long they were, BUT that it felt great.  I'm celebrating that I did it and trying not to dwell on the fact that I have a LONG way to go.  Ok, there I said it!
Treadmill runs are not my fave, by any standard, but today I had a blast.  For some reason, my Lady Gaga (don't laugh) station on Pandora wanted to play almost exclusively rap, so I went with it.  To everyone else I looked like the same old "ME", but on the inside I was having a Lose Yourself, Dirt Off Your Shoulders, Remember The Name MOMENT.   It's funny how music can change your whole state of mind.  I was transformed from having a good run, to feeling like a total bad ass!  Eminem, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, B.O.B...you are welcome on my runs anytime!

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