New Year - same old me!

All-in-all, the holiday season was darn good!  I had a lot of fun visiting family, and catching up with Ryan. 
I've often told people that just because I work out a lot, doesn't mean it's easy.  The end of my racing season this year, was not too long ago, December 10th.  This has made it particularly difficult to be motivated come the first of the year.  In fact, I was a little uncertain wether or not I could actually find my motivation again!  It completely snuck up on me the other day as I started to look at races for this coming season...and there it was all over again.  Now, I'm faced with a foreign challenge of not being able to train hard for a few more weeks due to my heeling broken arm. So, I've taken on a few other projects to keep me occupied...like re-organizing the entire house :)  Hey, I have to do something with my energy! 
I am definitley looking forward to the coming season, doing the things I love the most; racing my heart out and spending time with family and friends.

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