I realized today how long it's been since I've actually trained and/or raced in warm weather!  8 months!  Dear Sun, I think I like you, please stay for a while.
Luckily my body is still in shock, otherwise I'm sure it would have revolted against my training.  My first ever half (ironman) is coming up, so training is intense right now, focusing on all that high end speed.  It's sort of grueling, but definitely my favorite part of training...and that's not the only thing wrong with me :)
One other thing wrong with me is allergies.  Today, I forgot to take claritin and was an absolute mess on my ride.  Honestly, not that unusual.  However, when I passed a couple of guys who decided to hang on to me w/o letting me know, they were not too happy when snot came flying back at them...oops!
Other than that, my 4 hours of training went off w/o a hitch!  Ok, other than that dehydration thing.  It's one of those things that happens when summer finally decides to show up.  Like the first time in spring when you accidentally forget to wear sunscreen.  It only takes that one time and you never do it again, until next spring.
This weekend makes the countdown 3 weeks until the "big race" - holy crap!  Physically, definitely ready. The rest of me, well, I'm doing better than I ever have!  I'll be ready, and so excited!

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