Don't be me.

At one point or another, I think all or most of us, have looked at someone else and thought, why can't I be more like "them"!?!?  I knew these thoughts had power over me for a long time, but I didn't realize how powerful they were until someone said them to me. 
I was encouraging someone who seemed very excited to talk about triathlon, to actually do one, and they said they didn't want to because they knew they would never be like me.  My response caught me off guard, I was insulted.  They had discounted what I was saying, something I do all the time.  Ouch!
I truly believed they were MORE than capable of doing exactly what I said they could do.  I believed they were capable of MORE than they may ever know.  I don't encourage people to do things so they can be like me, I want them to know I believe in them
Believe people when they believe in you.


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