First Aid Kit or Emergency Flares

As some of you may know, I'm what I would consider a "safety girl". Yes, I do like to push limits a little bit, but I do like to make sure that all possible safety precautions have been addressed.
This past Saturday while out on the Chinook Road "Race", I carried my first-aid kit with me, as usual.  Unfortunately I had it stuffed in with my food and while reaching for a gel, it jumped out of my jersey.  Great, just what I needed, another opportunity to red-line it for 5 minutes just to barely catch up with the group...and I do mean BARELY.  That isn't exactly the point of my story.
As we were riding, one of the guys made a very astute observation, "I don't really know you that well, but you don't seem like the type of person who would slow down enough to address something that a Band-Aid would fix.  And if you did encounter something that actually made you stop, is there anything in your first-aid kit that would really be much use to you?"  First of all, you don't know me...but it's amazing how insightful complete strangers can be!  Secondly, you have made some excellent points.  Mostly I carry around the first-aid kit just for piece-of-mind, but I never REALLY thought about how much use it would do me.  
This got me thinking, what exactly could I carry that would help me out the most if I were to be injured badly enough that I couldn't keep riding.  Emergency Flares, of course!  
Now I just need to find the perfect one for my jersey pocket. 

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