Yesterday was a swim "test" - I didn't quite hit my personal goals, which I can only attribute to not being as fast as I would like to think...or I set my goal too high.  Either way, I don't know why I expect to be much faster than I was a doing the same test 4 weeks ago when my training has been focused on running (explanation = runners high).  After my swim, as I was making a mad dash home to get on my bike before heading back to work, I starting to eat an apple and was amazed that I could still lift my hand high enough to reach my mouth.  This brought me to the realization that maybe I AM actually stronger than I thought...that is, of course until the feeling in my arms started to come back, at which point I savored the last few bites of solid food before I was forced to enjoy the rest of the days meals through a straw.
I guess I'll go back to waiting for divine intervention to miraculously make me a fish!

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