Dear Cytomax,
I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for your magical potions!  I was feeling very down and my legs felt rediculously tight at the start of my workout, so I knew I needed something.  I ran down to my locker and grabbed my very last packet of Cytomax and started sipping.  Immediately I started feeling better :)  By the middle of my run (30 minutes in) and 1/2 way through my Pink Lemonade Cytomax, I was starting to feel like myself again - so naturally I cranked up the speed.  The guy next to me kept looking over and smiling, and at one point he even threw up a thumb.  I told myself he must also be a supporter of Cytomax and was agreeing that he too appreciated it's magical powers!  Once I stepped off the treadmill, he approached me and commented on how amazing it was that I could run so fast.
As I finished my last sips of the only remaining Pink Lemonade Cytomax in the world (the flavor was sadly discontinued), I began to ask myself what am I going to do NOW?  Sure, I had made it through my run today, but now I have nothing to turn to tomorrow.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks...for nothing!


The moral of my story is that what I really needed that morning was the power of positive thinking!  Thanks to the happy stranger for cheering me on, your support does not go unnoticed :)

Any recommendations on different Cytomax flavors?

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