Ride "like the wind"

How does that saying apply when riding with a head wind?  
Today was a good day of training, and I say that because I like hard days!  
I'm glad there are people that continually put my abilities in perspective.  Being strong at the bike leg of a triathlon is completely different than being a strong cyclist...thanks for the reminder guys ;)
One thing that I realized today was how grateful I am to have friends and family that push me not only to be a stronger athlete, but to be a stronger person.  For some reason I come up with crazy theories when out in the country with noone around for miles.  Today's theory is that they wouldn't push me if they didn't have faith that I could do it, or get there eventually.  If they really cared about me, that is...right?!?!
So THANK you for your faith in me - and I promise I will keep working to get there, even if it takes a while.

That being said - today is a special day because I also have a trivia question.  What makes a 3 1/2 hour ride with a head wind both ways better?

Stay tuned for the answer...

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  1. ...when you can celebrate your accomplishment with a cold beer!?!? :)