Snot Rocket

This winter I have had the priveledge of increasing my outdoor riding due to improved weather conditions, better winter riding gear and a re-kindled relationship with my mountain bike.  A few weeks ago I was riding with someone that typically spends all winter riding indoors - they commented on how incredible it was that their body could produce so much snot.  I couldn't agree more!!!  This Sunday, while pseudo enjoying my solo ride in the rain, I decided to try and actually count how many snot-rockets it takes to get through a 2 hour ride.  Sadly, I lost count...but for the first 20 minutes I counted 10, if that pattern held true, I would estimate 60.  Which, of course begs the question, how is it possible to produce that much snot?!?!  Seriously.


  1. This is really gross and yet totally awesome at the same time.

  2. Too funny! Was just telling lars how great it feels to clear my sinuses on a ride. Always feels so much better when I get home!