Too good 2B true

After last week's training, I thought I would be nothing more than a pile of useless goo puddled up at the bottom of my bed.  Much to my surprise, I actually feel great today - which is to say that it won't hit me until tomorrow - OR all this hard work is starting to pay off.
Of course, I do have one other theory...the sun.  I can't remember the last time the weekend weather was so nice!  What are the extent of the sun's medicinal powers?  Is it possible that they have given me some sort of superhuman power?  Is it the simple mind boosting effect that has completely changed the way that I'm recovering from and looking forward to training?
There is one more theory - that after the nearly 6 hours of training on Saturday followed by a just under 14 mile run on Sunday has left me in an altered mental state, and I've pushed so far past the point of pain, that there is no returning.
I'm sticking with the sun theory.

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