Monday was a weird day for most of us.

Much of my morning was spent reeling from the highs of watching the Elite Women racing in the Boston Marathon.
Once I heard about what happened in Boston, the rest of the day was spent more-or-less in a daze, trying to sort through news articles, horrific pictures and my own myriad of emotion.

There is not one single day I can think of that I don't recognize how extrememly fortunate I am for all that I've been given and have in this life.
Though my heart is absolutely broken for those dealing with injuries or worse from the bombs in Boston, it is at the same time absolutely full with joy for all that I am grateful for and honored to have.

Fast forward to today and I am even more grateful and filled with joy!  Yesterday I raced in the Wenatchee Half Marathon, and beat my time from last year by over 3 minutes!  That, in itself, is a huge accomplishment.  But, it wasn't my biggest accomplishment of the day.  Last year, I was filled with anxiety, knowing my potential, but doubtful I would ever get there.  I was exhausted before the race even started and ended the race as an emotional roller coaster.
This year, I was focused, but also calm and confident.  I have been working tirelessly on my mental game.  Rehearsing over and over what to say in every situation.  I was in perfect position at the turn around, and for the next couple of miles had a stream of cheerleaders as the rest of the runners were approaching the turnaround.  But, that didn't last forever.  When I got to the inevitable wall, and saw my pace had slowed significantly, I didn't give up.  BREATHE.  I remembered Boston, and all those runners that had just cheered me on, and I repeated "I believe I can" over and over and slowly, but surely, my pace picked back up and spirit soared!!  Yes, I missed my goal, but I was elated. I finished the race PROUD for not giving up.
Those who say "never, never, never give up" are on to something - if you do, you will never know what's possible.

I am so fortunate to have such an amazing support team in my family, friends, community and Watties.
Thank you so much for standing by me :)

Love and Gratitude!!


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