HALLOWEEN HANGOVER (not the drinking kind)

No, I don't mean that I'm actually hung-over.

It's funny when random things smack you in the face with "ah-ha moments"!

This Halloween struck my thought life hard, and completely unexpectedly. Halloween isn't exactly a holiday that evokes emotion, but for some reason, this year it really got me thinking.
Costumes. It's fun that for one day a year, we can dress up and be ANYthing we want to be. Why can't we do that the rest of the year too? I say WE CAN and we should! I don't mean dressing up in silly costumes all the time, but if there is something that you truly want to be, and aren't being just that...then you are essentially hiding behind a disguise every day. Trust me, I get it. I’ve fought that fight, it’s truly and absolutely exhausting!

And then there is Day of the Dead, and the symbolic La Calavera Catrina, reminding us that no matter wealth or poverty, we are all equal in our mortality. Embracing our self expression is how we show our appreciation to be alive and gratitude for all the gifts we've been given. Fulfilling your passion is not a selfish act, it's an expression of gratitude for life everything that makes you uniquely you. We are all created to be absolutely different. On purpose.

I know, all that from Halloween!

Just food for thought. Man, I think I need a little chocolate...

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