Sometimes, in life, things go according to plan.  Or, so I've heard!  Is it ever plan A?
This past weekend I (with family in tow), traveled over to Boise, for a little racing!
Physically heading into the weekend, I was feeling pretty amazing.  Mentally, not so much.  Let's just chalk it up to having a rough week, at the wrong time!
It's been since Wildflower that I've done a race, so I was anxious to see what my training had produced and to catch up with some Wattie teammates again!
Even with all the excitement, I felt like I had a black cloud over my head that I just couldn't shake.
Black cloud or not, I was determined to race well, and have fun.  I did my usual race prep routine, and it helped a little, I just had to have faith that it would all come together.
Since my wave didn't take off until 12:39, I had plenty of time to calm my nerves and get amped up!  As soon as the gun went off I was feeling AMPED and ready!  All was going well, until I hit the first turn buoy, when the reservoir suddenly felt like a washing machine.  The buoys seemed to be moving, or was it just me?  It was hard to say, since every time I tried to sight I was smacked in the face with water - ugh!  No biggie, I told myself, just relax and KEEP SWIMMING.  I couldn't wait to get out of the water and on to my bike...unfortunately, that was nearly 40 freaking minutes later!
DON'T panic!
It felt amazing to get on my bike!  This race, my plan was to push the bike, and it felt great!  Yeah, it was hard, but I felt strong and just tried to keep a good rhythm.  As I came into T-2, I had made up for my poor swim and then some.  But I also knew something wasn't quite right.
My stomach was starting to get a little unhappy the last few miles of the bike,  and I was hoping if I stayed relaxed and ignore it, it would just go away...but, it got worse :(  Every time I tried to pick up my pace on the run, well, it wasn't pretty.  Between potties, I just tried to keep moving forward, I kept telling myself that anything could happen...I knew I was losing time, hopefully it wasn't too much time.  As I was being passed heading out to the 2nd lap, I knew I should have been able to stick with her, but my stomach was not having it...ugh!  I just tried to stay relaxed and as things kept coming out of me, I tried to find something that would stay down and keep my energy up.  For the most part, I stuck with the usual stuff, but by mile 8 I opted for Coke and it tasted SOOO good!  Seemed to be just what I needed, the last few miles I felt like I could actually run, finally!  Sadly, it was too little too late, but enough to hang on for 3rd OA and 2nd AG AND a spot to Vegas!
Though I am disappointed I have to be honest, I was able to accomplish my 2 goals for the race.  #1 race the bike & #2 qualify for Vegas.  Mission accomplished :)
Now time to recoup and get ready for my next big training block - yeeeehaw!  
Thanks for your support!


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