This is NOT one of those days

WOW - I seriously can't believe it's been so long since I've written...or since Wildflower!
Not much has been happening in my life, other than life.

But, something BIG is about to happen, in one short week, BOISE 70.3!  Which means, my anxiety is on the rise, making every little thing frustrating and/or annoying.  Ok, not EVERYthing, but close.  Yesterday I was doing my last "tempo" ride before Boise and I noticed my saddle was a bit lower than it should have been.  I figured it had just slipped because the seat post clamp was loose, I was right!  However, when I pulled it out, it came apart (it's 3 pieces), and even though I had done this a million times, I couldn't remember how it went back together!  So, I called for back-up (coach), and as soon as I had him on the phone, I figured it out (of course).  Then, as I was putting it all together, I dropped one of the pieces into my frame and couldn't get it out!!  UGH!  Once I got it out, I dropped it again!  Nice one, Sar-Bear!  Once I finally pulled my sh!t together, 15 wonderful minutes had passed.
Deep Breath.
It wasn't long before I settled back into my groove and into my workout.  All was going well, until I had to pee.  The first spot I found, I was just about to go, when I saw a snake tail about 2 feet from me, and back on my bike I went.  Since there was virtually NO traffic, I decided to just risk it and go on the side of the road.  No biggie, until I looked down.  Yup, I was so worried about traffic that I didn't notice the "water shed", had puddled right under one of my feet.  Awesome.
Despite a few minor set-backs, by the end of my ride I was back to HAPPY and loving that even the least scenic ride around here is still gorgeously located right along the Columbia River.

Enough about that, what's been on my mind since a friend perked my up on my Terrible Tuesday, is what she said to me.  "Someday you won't be able to do this, today is not that day".
When I bumped into her, I was headed for my trainer and a ride that in the description stated "this will be pretty hard" and I was not motivated AT ALL.  Not only that, but I was frustrated that I wasn't motivated, thinking to myself, maybe I don't have what it takes!  With that one little sentence, my whole perspective immediately shifted.  After all, it was JUST a workout, and it was only going to take about 1:10, and if that's my biggest problem today...when did I start being so ungrateful and full of self doubt!?!?

It's so easy to lose perspective.  Just because your motivation is waining or you don't feel 100%, isn't detrimental, it's actually part of the process.  If we didn't face these challenging times during training, how would we overcome them in a race?
An article I read refers to this as "THE GRIND", which starts when training gets tiring, painful and tedious..and the point which might be most important in training.  Concluding with "The Grind may not be very enjoyable, but do you know what is less enjoyable? Not achieving your goals because you weren't willing to do the hard work."
So, you don't have to enjoy it, but I encourage us all to embrace it!
It won't be easy, so make sure you're prepared for battle when the time comes!
Here's some tactics I use to get up and go:
Inspirational blogs/posts from my AMAZING WATTIE INK teamies - they are relentlessly positive and motivating!  Find someone or something that inspires you and don't be afraid to read it every day.
Inspirational videos - watching some of my triathlon or track heros throw down in big races, like this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLKqnvDl_rE
Inspirational songs - usually something like: Don't Give Up, Noisettes; Even if it Breaks Your Heart, Eli Young Band; I Made It, Kevin Rudolf; Kill Your Heros, Awolnation.
Bribery - haha, YES, I'm not above bribing myself.  But make sure it's specific, and something you can control "Don't give up on yourself, even if your pace is falling off, give all you have on each specific effort." The reward be anything you want.  Since I don't have a lot of $$, my favorite is a new song download :), but I've also used a recovery treat, pedicure, massage...or whatever I've been putting off because I felt I "didn't deserve it"

Know that you're not alone this battle, we ALL have our own "GRIND" to get through.  Know that you are deserving of what's on the other side and never, never, never, never give up.



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