Here we go!

This year, I entered it knowing full well that I was committed to my dreams, no matter what. And so far, one week in, I'm loving it! Today was my 5th swim of the new year, and I actually swam one lane above my comfort zone. This is a great start and a really BIG deal. I feel like I had been a little too settled into my safety zone, and it's about time to let myself go. Not only did I swim much faster than I normally do, but it felt easier. My spirits were sky high and even though I couldn't breathe, I didnt feel the normal state of panic that usually overwhelms me. I stayed calm and swam my little heart out. A few days ago I realized my mentality had done a total 180. I used to get frustrated and think I'm never going to get faster and continue with more negative self talk until no matter what happened I left the pool feeling defeated. The other day I saw the send-offs on the board and said I want to swim on the fastest one, and actually thought "I will"! Yes, I will! It might not be today or tomorrow, but I will. This is the year of "yes"!

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