Natural Heat

We are all comprised of many different things that make us unique.  Dare I say it, special. When I think about what things make me especially special, I can name off some good and some bad.  I think part of the reason I can be a bit reserved is because I’ve been afraid of myself.  Afraid of what will happen if I actually say and do what is on my mind and in my heart.  As it was said in The Bird Cage, I’m afraid of my Guatemalan-ness…my natural heat.  Let's say my heat is my passion. When I feel things, I feel strongly, and I can’t help it. It wasn't that long ago I read a paper that I had written in 5th grade. It was a paper outlining what I wanted my life to be like when I grew up. The thing that stood out the most was how strongly I felt about voting and exercising our freedom of speech to stand up for what we believe in. Yes, even then i was full of fire. Somehow I got to a place in life where people had turned me down or not listened to me so much that I began to believe what I had to say was not important or didn't matter. Luckily, with the support of loved ones, I was able to pull my self up by my tri-shoe straps, look myself in the mirror and say, you matter to ME. My Guatmalen-ness is back! What I have to say may not always or ever be important to you, it doesn't have to be. What is important is that we all feel free to have our own fire, I like that yours is different. Most of all, I like that you have one, too.

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